Rome (IP) - Italians supporting Palestine called for a boycott of Israeli goods in their country.

Many Italian activists gathered in front of one of the Carrefour chain stores in Rome, late on Friday and condemned the supermarket as a trade partner of Israeli regime.The French company, Carrefour, is one of the world’s largest retailers in the world.

EVA OLIVERO, an Italian student and a demonstrator told the Iran Press reporter on the ground: We have gathered in front of this supermarket in Rome as part of the national initiative to boycott Carrefour chain stores.

The pro-Palestine student added: Carrefour has not only signed a cooperation agreement with the Israeli company Electra Consumer Product for a long time, but recently it has sent food packages to Israeli soldiers who continue to commit genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Ms. OLIVERO stressed: "We must start supporting the oppressed people of Palestine from ourselves. While the Israeli regime massacres Palestinians and openly violates international laws, the Italian government and parliament continue to support the regime."

"As South Africa was boycotted during the apartheid period, the same approach should be adopted for Israel, and we will continue to support the Palestinians inside the university," the activist added.

The participants in the anti-Zionist rally supported the Palestinian resistance groups by holding Palestinian flags and banners regarding the boycott of Israeli goods as well as the boycott of Carrefour chain stores.Anti-Zionist rallies were held in other Italian cities simultaneously.204

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