Al-Mayadeen network reported on Wednesday morning a new attack of the Zionist regime on the city of Homs in western Syria.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Al-Mayadeen has not mentioned any details of this neighborhood and targeted areas. A few hours ago, various areas of Homs province, including Al-Uras and Al-Qusayr suburbs, were attacked by the Zionist regime's fighters.

A Syrian military official told the country's official news agency: "At around 30:30 local time on Wednesday morning, the Israeli enemy attacked the centers of Homs with several missiles from the north, and the army's air defense countered the missiles and destroyed most of them."

This military official added that this attack also killed and injured several Syrian civilians and caused damage to public and personal property.

The Zionist regime also targeted a workshop of the Technical Services Department in the south of Homs.

Reports indicate that a woman was killed and 7 others were injured in this attack.

In this attack, the Al-Hamra region in Homs was targeted by the Zionist regime's fighters.

The Zionist regime continues to violate Syrian sovereignty, while the Syrian government has repeatedly sent letters to the United Nations and the UN Security Council, condemning these attacks and asking them to force Israel to stop.  219

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