Commentary (IP) – With the Israeli Prime Minister's failure to release the Israeli captives, the families of the Zionist captives, increased their pressure on him.

Iran PressCommentary: After Benjamin Netanyahu triggered the war on Gaza, determined two main military objectives for the war; the destruction of Hamas and the release of the Israeli captives.

The war on Gaza is entering its fourth consecutive month yet just 70 Israeli captives have been freed by Hamas, but not with the military operation of Bibi's cabinet but thanks to the 7-day ceasefire established between the two sides. 

Still, there are more than 140 Israeli captives kept by Hamas fighters and Bibi's cabinet has not yet succeeded in releasing them. 

The failure came as news spread in recent days about the killing of several captives during the Israeli attacks on Gaza. The news has made the Israeli families worry about the captives' conditions. 

In this vein, following the widespread criticisms of the Israeli PM and his cabinet for their weak management of the war on Hamas, the news media reported on Monday evening that a group of the captive's families booed him as he was delivering a speech. 

The important point is that the patience of the captives' families has intensely decreased and do not trust Netanyahu's words.

Bibi claimed that the captives would return home but to realize the goal, more time was necessary. These statements by Netanyahu have also faced the tough reaction of the families and they do not believe that he can release the prisoners through war. Many Israeli experts also believe that the continuation of the war with the goal of releasing the captives is an unrealistic and unachievable goal.

This is not the first time that the families of the Israeli captives have protested Netanyahu. In the past weeks, these families, together with a large number of settlers of the occupied territories, have protested against the continuation of the war on Gaza, by holding demonstrations. They called on the Israeli cabinet to shift towards a ceasefire with Hamas and end the war instead of continuing it.

Furthermore, Bibi is aware of the anger of the captives' families so he met with some of them in a choosy way, which followed protests against him throughout the occupied territories. 

Haaretz quotes a brother of one of the captives about the continuation of the protests outside the war ministry of Israel saying that Bibi's cabinet resorts to any trich so that it avoids facing the settlers because they feel the culprit. 

Finally, the death of three Israeli captives due to the regime's attacks on Gaza caused an increase in internal pressure on Netanyahu. In a note, the New York Times said the killing of Israeli captives in Gaza increases the settlers' doubts about Netanyahu's chance in the war against Hamas.

By Sayyed Razi Emai


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