IP - Israel's relentless bombardment of Gaza amid growing international pressures led to a Bloodbath in the hospitals of Gaza and residential across Gaza.

Iran Press/ West Asia: On Monday, mass casualties were reported in Israeli strikes on the Jabalia and Nuseirat refugee camps.

Also, Israel’s onslaught on Khan Younis is underway despite mounting international calls for a truce and aid deliveries.

Israeli air raids on Monday maintained the focus on hospitals and civilian neighborhoods in the enclave.

On the Jabalia and Nuseirat refugee camps, mass casualties have been reported following Israeli artillery shelling targeting multiple residences in the Shujayea, Tuffah, and Daraj neighborhoods in Gaza City.

At the entrance to al-Shifa Hospital, continuous shootings have happened. Also, the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis in southern Gaza has been repeatedly targeted over the past 48 hours. 

Gaza’s Health Ministry says more than 18,800 people, mostly women and children, have been killed in Israel’s campaign in Gaza. It said more than 100 were killed in Israeli attacks on Sunday, while dozens more are reported to have died so far on Monday.

World Health Organization described the situation at al-Shifa Hospital – once the cornerstone of the territory’s healthcare system – as a “bloodbath” as hundreds of injured patients sheltered inside with “new patients arriving every minute”.

In the West Bank, an Israeli raid has taken place at the Arroub refugee camp in the occupied West Bank.

Earlier, several Israeli raids took place in the occupied West Bank, leading to dozens of arrests.