Islamabad (IP)- Under the auspices of the Cultural Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran Islamabad, a three-day exhibition of rare scriptures of the Holy Quran was organized in Islamabad, on Wednesday. In this exhibition, hundreds of years old manuscripts of the Holy Quran are also kept, which is their uniqueness.

Iran Press/Asia: On this occasion, the Tabashi group from Iran specially participated and enthralled the atmosphere by reciting the Holy Quran and Asma Al Hasana in a very beautiful manner.

Expressing his views with Iran Press, the Cultural Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Majid Mishki, the host of the exhibition, said that in this unique exhibition, old Quranic manuscripts from 500 to 1000 years old are kept, as well as scripted with gold and silver. There are also Quranic manuscripts of Turkish, Iranian and Arabic calligraphy and it is a matter of honor for us to visit these rare manuscripts in this holy month of Ramadan.

The chief guest of the exhibition, Chairman of the Islamic Ideological Council Qibla Ayaz, paid tribute to the Cultural Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran Majeed Mishki and his team for exhibiting ancient and rare manuscripts of the Holy Quran. Talking to Iran Press, he said that the protection of thousands of years old Quranic manuscripts has been laudably arranged in the Iranian Cultural Consulate. He said that Iran is an Islamic country and has had the best relationship with Pakistan for many years and such exhibitions and events are being held to build this relationship stronger. The performance of the Iranian Tabashi group has been well received in all cities, including Islamabad, and the Pakistani public loves the style of the Irani Tabashi group.

Expressing his views, Tabashi group member Majeed told Iran Press that they have been invited to madrasas, schools and various public places in Pakistan, and been warmly welcomed everywhere before and after iftar. He added: "We are refreshing the souls of our Pakistani brothers by reciting the Holy Quran and Isma Al Hasana. Citizens from all walks of life participated in large numbers to visit the rare Qur'anic manuscripts in the exhibition, especially domestic and foreign students appreciated the efforts of the Cultural Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran for organizing this exhibition."

The custodian of Haq Bahu shrine, Pir Sultan Azmat Qadri also said that they are grateful to the Iranian government and the Cultural Consulate for organizing this exhibition here during the holy days of Ramadan. These holy scripts prove that the Holy Qur'an is a safe book till the end of times. He added that on this occasion we should not forget our Palestinian brothers, the role of the OIC is negligible while the Palestinian people are not only suffering from food shortages in this holy month, but also a lack of medicines, so the Muslim Ummah must unite and raise their voice for their Palestinian brothers. He said that he believes that one day the tyrant Israel will be destroyed, but we should not leave our brothers behind. This exhibition of rare Qur'anic manuscripts will continue till March 29, from dawn to post-iftar, at Safa Gold Mall, Islamabad's leading commercial hub. 

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