IP - The Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced a drone attack on the oil port of Haifa in occupied Palestine on Wednesday morning.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The Islamic Resistance of Iraq in a statement announced that in support of the people of Gaza and response to the crimes of the Zionist regime, it targeted the oil port of Haifa in occupied Palestine with 2 drones.

This group had previously warned in past operations that if the Zionist regime continues its attacks on the Gaza Strip, it will intensify its operations against the positions of this regime.

After carrying out its operations in the occupied territories, this group has always emphasized its support for the people of Gaza and intensified attacks against the Zionists during the holy month of Ramadan.

It is also reported that the Mojahedin Brigades announced on Tuesday night that it targeted an Israeli fighter jet in western Gaza with a missile.

The al-Qassam battalions also announced that they hit the command headquarters and engineering forces of the Zionist regime in the Netzarim axis with 11 mortar rounds.

The Palestinian resistance forces also pointed to the conflict with the Zionist forces in the Al-Shuja'iyya region of Gaza. They reported shelling of the positions of the occupying regime's army.