Constitutional Council Spox:

The Constitutional Council Spokesman said during his presser on Tuesday that Although enemies made efforts, to set the situation so that Iran's process would blocked with zero improvement, Iranians have proven that no one from outside the country is going to make decisions for us.

Iran PressIran news: Attending a press brief on Feb. 2024, 26, Hadi Tahan-Nazif the Constitutional Council Spokesman emphasized: "Our enemies do not want people to have a strong presence in Iran's major decision-making process, yet failed to get what they want."

He further stated: "We must note that the future parliament if it is strong, can solve people's problems so the stage is ready for the participation of all political parties."️

Earlier in February, the Constitutional Council approved 14,200 candidates for the March 1 parliamentary election. 

The Constitutional Council's Spokesman, Hadi Tahan-Nazif, further stated that a comprehensive evaluation process resulted in the qualification of a total of 14,200 candidates for parliament, with the final week focusing on scrutinizing appeal files.

He also stated that the number of candidates for the Assembly of Experts election increased to 144 people.

Tahan-Nazif emphasized that the names of these qualified candidates were promptly communicated to the Interior Minister, and the Constitutional Council concluded its evaluation on February 8.

In addition to the parliamentary candidates, Tahan-Nazif had addressed the ongoing evaluation of Assembly of Experts candidates, indicating that their appeals were assessed on February 7.

He had assured that any changes in the results would be communicated to the candidates promptly. The Constitutional Council remains dedicated to ensuring a thorough and transparent process ahead of the upcoming elections. 204

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