Tehran (IP) - An explosive hit an Iranian container ship in the Mediterranean Sea. The Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line Group (IRISL Group) says the container ship was damaged in a terrorist attack on Wednesday.

Iran Press/Iran News: The Iranian shipping company spokesman said on Friday the "Shahre Kord" ship was slightly damaged by an explosive in a terrorist attack and slightly damaged on Wednesday.

"An Iranian container ship was damaged in a 'terrorist attack' in the Mediterranean on Wednesday," Ali Ghiasi, IRISL Group spokesman, said on Friday adding that "Such terrorist acts amount to naval piracy." 

He said the vessel, which belonged to the Islamic Republic Shipping Container Transport Company, was traveling from Iran to Europe.

As the explosive object hit the vessel a small fire occurred at the point of explosion, which was controlled by the timely reaction of the crew, and no one was hurt. 

Noting that the vessel would continue its path after the damaged part was repaired, Ghiasi said the terrorist attack was an example of piracy and Iran would pursue the prosecution of the elements involved, through the relevant international bodies. 


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