(IP) - Iran's President and his Russian and Turkish counterparts held a press briefing after their summit here in Tehran on Tuesday evening, describing the meeting as fruitful.

Iran PressIran news: In the briefing, Ebrahim Raisi: "The presence of the Americans in the east of the Euphrates, under any pretext, has no basis and they should leave this area and all parts of Syria should be under the rule of the established legal government."

"In this meeting, we emphasized the decisive fight against terrorism and the cooperation of all countries in this field," he told journalists.

The president stated, "Terrorist groups have endangered the security of the region. Everyone has tried to fight terrorism, and therefore it is necessary to address the concerns that exist in Syria, especially in areas like Idlib, about the presence of terrorists, with the serious determination of all countries."

"In this meeting, it was emphasized the need to avoid any action that leads to the violation of Syrian sovereignty. The participants agreed that any action should be aimed at strengthening the rule of the legal government of this country," he further said.

"We emphasized providing the opportunity for Syrian refugees to return to their country as soon as possible. People who have sought refuge in other countries should return to their homes. We hope that the cooperation of the three countries in the Astana negotiations will speed up this process so that the Syrian people can achieve peace as soon as possible."

For his part, Russian leader Vladimir Putin praised his talks with the presidents of Iran and Turkey, speaking after a three-way summit on the Syrian conflict.

Putin said the Syria summit in Tehran had been “truly useful and rather substantial”, describing the atmosphere as “businesslike and constructive”.He said the three leaders adopted a joint declaration, pledging to strengthen cooperation in the interests of the “normalization” of the situation in Syria.

The Kremlin chief also praised his bilateral meetings with Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In the briefing, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated, "The framework of the Astana process is the most effective measure that can provide a solution to the Syrian problem."

He added: "The fight against terror was one of the important topics of the Tehran meeting. We do not see any difference between all terrorist organizations and do not accept that one is used as a tool to fight another. Our fight against terror will continue under any name and title."

Emphasizing the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2254, the President of Turkey said: "We will continue our efforts to encourage the Syrian parties to achieve peace and stability. Our main goal is to end the human tragedy in Syria."

Referring to the investigation of the situation of the residents of Idlib, he said: "In the meeting, we emphasized that the ceasefire should be maintained in this area and the previous agreements in this area should be fully implemented."

Erdogan also referred to the summit's emphasis on the need for Syrian refugees to return to their own land, adding: "In the areas that have been cleared from the presence of terrorists, nearly 500,000 Syrian citizens have returned to their homeland and this process will continue."