Poland (IP) - Iran's handball team will face the teams from Montenegro, Chile, and Spain in the first phase of the 2023 World Men's Handball Championship in Poland and Sweden.

Iran PressEurope: According to the draw ceremony of the 2023 World Men's Handball Championship, held in Warsaw, Iran was pin Group A, with Spain, Chile, and Montenegro.

Group A: Iran, Spain, Chile, Montenegro

Group B: Poland, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, France

Group C: Sweden, Uruguay, Africa 2, Brazil,

Group D: Iceland, South Korea, Hungary, Portugal

Group E: Germany, Africa 5, Serbia, Qatar

Group F: Norway, Netherlands, Argentina, North Macedonia

Group G: Croatia, US, Africa 3, Africa 1

Group H: Denmark, Africa 4, Bahrain, Belgium

The 28th round of the 2023 World Men's Handball Championship will be held in Poland and Sweden from January 12 to 29, 2023. 


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