Tehran(IP)- Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, Minister of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics of the Islamic Republic of Iran, met and discussed expanding military cooperation with Lt. Gen. Ali Mahmoud Abbas, Minister of Defense of Syria.

Iran PressIran News: Brigadier General Ashtiani said in this meeting: "The illegitimate and illegal presence of occupying forces in Syria is insecure and destructive, and this regime only understands the language of force and power."

The Minister of Defense added: "Today, a large part of the strategic depth of the two countries is due to the mixing of the blood of Iranian and Syrian "warriors in the fight against terrorist and Takfiri groups."

Brigadier General Ashtiani stated that in the shadow of the wise leadership of the two countries, many commonalities and ties have led the relationship between Iran and Syria to a deep and cordial one, which the common enemies have not managed to separate so far, and said: "The relations between the two countries are one of the best. It experiences its historical periods."

Minister of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics, referring to the importance and role of Syria in the axis of resistance, emphasized the necessity of strengthening and strengthening the national and defense power of this country.

Brigadier General Ashtiani, while referring to the Zionist regime's attacks on the territorial integrity of Syria, emphasized: "We condemn any attack on the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Syria, and we believe that this fake regime only understands the language of force and power, and that regime should not be allowed to be more arrogant. "

In this meeting, the Minister of Defense of Syria, while expressing his satisfaction with his trip to Tehran and meeting with Iranian officials, said: "This meeting and discussion shows the peak of cooperation with the Iranian brothers in the fight against terrorism and establishing the security of the region."

Lt. Gen. Ali Mahmoud Abbas, referring to the epics and bravery of the resistance axis to maintain the security of the region, appreciated the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this regard and said: "We are trying to improve and expand the level of relations and cooperation with Tehran".


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