Tehran (IP) - The chief commander of the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said that Iran's security and authority in the region at its highest tensions and confrontations is because of our power and authority.

Iran PressIran news: Major General Hossein Salami, the Commander in Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, delivering a speech at Tehran University on the occasion of 'University Professor's Basij Day' said that Iran security amid highest tensions and confrontations in the region is because of our power.

"Doctrine of the enemy is based on aggression and force. Our enemy does not hesitate to kill innocent children. When the enemy found that we did bypass sanctions, it tried to surround us and closed our passages, Major General Salami said and added: "If you see sanctions became ineffective, it is because of our power and authority.

IRGC Chief Commander stressed: " They seized our oil tankers and ships; we seized their ships too. They tried to confiscate our exported oil ships on the way to Venezuela, and we did the same. They hit some of our ships in the international sea and when their ships were hit, they found that they couldn't stop us in such a way.

"The fact that today's Iran oil export continues without interruption and in complete security and safety is because of your power. There is no difference in the policy of the Trump and Biden administrations against Iran, It is our power that neutralized US actions against us.

In Trump's administration, we targeted the US air base in Ain al-Assad and we hit the Global Hawk drone which illegally transposed our territorial integrity, the IRGC chief said adding: "The US realized that if they want to confront us, We can impact on the world economy main passage. 

The Chief Commander of the IRGC said: Today, Iran's image in the world is not like a sanctioned country, we are not under the influence of any foreign power influence and policies because we kept our authority in the region.

Major General Salami reminded the exit of foreign companies from the Iran Gas and oil industry after Western sanctions and said: "Who completed construction of the 'Persian Gulf Star Refinery' and 'South Pars Gas Fields'. 'Khatam Headquarters' as the Construction Unit of the IRGC now are working on 360 national projects, and 100 projects are about to be inaugurated.