President Raisi stresses:

Tehran (IP)- Iran's President called the relations with Venezuela friendly and developing, saying, "The policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to significantly develop relations with developing countries, especially those that are attempting to maintain their independence against domination-seeking countries."

Iran PressIran News: Speaking on Monday in a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Ebrahim Raisi said, "Latin American countries, especially Venezuela, are amongst the economic diplomacy priorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and we are determined to develop our relations with these countries”.Stating that we will continue the path of development powerfully, he said, "In this government, we are determined to overcome the problems caused by the enemies and continued the path of development of our country”.

Stressing the importance of cementing Tehran-Caracas relations in different fields, he said, "To develop bilateral relations, we need to have a clear, long-term plan so that relations develop to their maximum.”

The President said, "With plans for long-term cooperation between the two countries, there is a bright outlook for the development and deepening of ties”.

Referring to the vital role of Venezuela in Iran’s foreign policy, Raisi expressed hope that with the visit of the Venezuelan President to Tehran soon, new steps can be taken for the development of cooperation and relations.

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In this meeting, the Foreign Minister of Venezuela Felix Placencia conveyed the greetings of his country’s President to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and described the two countries as friends.

“The two countries are united against the domination-seekers and those who want to undermine our independence,” he said.

Describing Iran as an influential country in the region, the Foreign Minister of Venezuela said, "The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is alongside Iran in defending multilateralism and countering the United States’ interferences.”

He continued, "Developing a plan for long-term relations between the two countries can help us develop relations, and Venezuela is ready to cement ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all fields of mutual interest.”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister arrived in Tehran on Monday at the head of a high-ranking delegation to meet with his Iranian counterpart as two countries try to expand cordial relations amid the US sanctions.


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