Moscow (IP) - Brigadier General Amir Hatami, Iran’s Minister of Defense stressed on Sunday that the cooperations between Iran and Russia are based upon mutual trust and they promote peace and stability in the region.

Iran PressEurope: On the sidelines of the sixth International Military and Technical Forum Army-2020 in Moscow, Brigadier General Amir Hatami told the reporters that the cooperation between Iran and Russia in different fields such as the military is a good pattern for other cooperations. 

"These cooperations have a positive effect on regional and international peace and security," he added.

Referring to a cooperation agreement in technical-military fields between the two countries, Hatami said: "This agreement has created many capacities for mutual cooperation and buying equipment is one of them."

He also talked about the recent "strategic mistake" by the UAE's rulers in normalizing their relationship with the Zionist Regime.

"The UAE's rulers have made some mistakes and the latest one is dragging the Zionist Regime into the sensitive region of Persian Gulf," Hatami noted.

During the past week, the United States, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates issued a joint statement saying Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv were formally normalizing relations.

The UAE's move to normalize relations with the Zionist regime has been met with condemnation from many Islamic countries and Palestinian resistance groups.


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