Iran has significantly enhanced its global position in steel production, emerging as the ninth-largest producer in January 2024, as per the latest data unveiled by the World Steel Association (WSA).

Iran PressIran news: During the initial month of 2024, Iranian steel mills achieved a remarkable output of 2.6 million tons of steel, marking a substantial 39.3% surge compared to the corresponding period in 2023, as disclosed by the WSA on Monday.

In January 2024, the collective steel production of the world's 71 steel-producing nations amounted to 148.1 million tons, reflecting a modest 1.6% decline from the previous year.

Iran stood out as the top performer in terms of production growth among the leading global steel producers during this period. Notably, according to the World Steel Association, Iran secured the position of the ninth-largest steel producer globally in the aforementioned period, trailing behind countries such as China, India, Japan, the US, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, and Germany.

The steel industry in Iran has exhibited a consistent upward trajectory, with production escalating from 30.6 million tons in 2022 to 31.1 million tons in 2023, denoting a notable growth rate of 1.8% within the sector. 219

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