Tehran (IP) - Foreign Ministry spokesman strongly condemned the latest European Union sanctions against a number of Iranian people and entities, saying that the Islamic Republic will soon reciprocate.

Iran PressIran News:  Nasser Kanaani made the announcement on Monday evening hours after the EU imposed sanctions on 11 Iranian people and 4 entities over the recent unrest in the country, accusing them of human rights violations.

The spokesman rejected the EU measures as a violation of international law and blatant interference in Iran’s internal affairs.

He said, "It is a matter of deep regret that the EU has made this wrong, unconstructive decision which is totally invalid and rejected." 

Kanaani said that the move was based on political motives, and unfounded and distorted information, as well as allegations made by enemies of the Iranian nation and their affiliated media outlets.

The Iranian diplomat added, "The move indicates a continued hostile policy towards Iran and is a sign of using human rights issues as a tool to achieve political purposes."

He said that the Iranian nation has already regarded the European Union as a great violator of human rights due to their inaction and support for illegal US sanctions and its so-called maximum pressure campaign against Iran.

Kanaani dismissed all accusations leveled against the Iranian individuals and entities targeted by the EU measures, saying, "Tehran will soon announce and impose sanctions on relevant European officials and entities in response."


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