IP - On the occasion of "Persian Gulf National Day", the National Center for Genetic and Biological Resources of Iran inaugurated marine genetic biological reserves bank for preservation of the Iranian marine biodiversity.

Iran Press/Iran news: The project was opened on Monday with a focus on public participation in preserving marine biodiversity (Persian Gulf).

Hossein Shahsavarani, head of the center, said: Iran has very rich marine resources due to its geographical location. In the meantime, the waters of the Persian Gulf are a haven for marine creatures, especially small fish, and for various species that have continued to live since thousands of years ago.

He added: Despite all the environmental and climate problems that prevail over the Persian Gulf, it has a high biological diversity; there are about 907 species within 157 families, many of which have economic benefits. He pointed out that the preservation and restoration of genetic resources as a sustainable development strategy to meet the current needs of mankind has been seriously considered since the middle of the 20th century.

He stated that Iran has a wide biological diversity due to its climatic diversity and diverse water ecosystems such as freshwater, brackish water, salty and very salty water, and in terms of genetic reserves, it is one of the most diverse and rich countries of the world.

The official stated: Due to the destruction of aquatic habitats through the discharge of waste and sewage in rivers and seas, and the excessive use of pesticides, unfortunately, many of these valuable reserves have been exposed to destruction and extinction. 204