Jun 01, 2020 11:21 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 04, 2020 14:50 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi in his weekly press conference on Monday urged the US regime official to stop the violence against the American people and to let them breathe.

Iran PressIran News: Mousavi on the 10th parliament legislation to granting citizenship to the children with Iranian mother and foreign father said that the process has finalized and this matter will be implemented.

Referring to the consular developments, he said: "Circular on the non-consular ban (non-issuance of a ban on consular services) is a great step in honoring Iranians, which shows that regardless of any tastes and tendencies, the Islamic Republic pays attention to its citizens to serve and honor them. The action of the judiciary promises this new policy and emphasizes the previous policy of honoring Iranians.

Stop the violence against your people and let them breathe

In reaction to US police violent confrontation with protesters in a message to American people, Mousavi said: "The world has heard the voice of your oppression and is standing by you. The US regime is pursuing violence and bullying at the same time inside and outside the United States."

"We are deeply saddened by the scenes of violence that the US police are creating these days in front of the eyes of the people of the world, and are relentlessly suppressing the violence of the people who peacefully demand respect and an end to violence," the spokesman added.

"Stop the violence against your people and let them breathe, "Mousavi stated.

Iranian delegation in Afghanistan to probe Harirud incident

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman about the Harirud incident said: "The Iranian delegation traveled to Afghanistan to investigate the border incident and to resolve any misunderstandings.

The delegation met with Afghan political and non-political officials to find any evidence for further investigation if any evidence is available.

Referring to the Deputy Foreign Minister's visit to Kabul, Mousavi said: "Relations between Iran and Afghanistan are very important and a high-level delegation visit Afghanistan in this regard."

"The delegation went to Kabul and met with political and non-political groups, reached an agreement, and, if there is any evidence, to send it to Tehran and be examined by the Islamic Republic. It was emphasized that this did not happen on Iranian soil and that Iranian forces did not intervene," he emphasized.

Parliament efforts have been instrumental in the diplomacy

Foreign Ministry spokesman about the official inauguration of the 11th Majlis said, "We have witnessed the beginning of the Islamic Consultative Assembly's work in the past few days. We express our congratulations to the elected MPs of the 11th Majlis and the new Speaker. Their efforts have been instrumental in diplomacy."

In response to a question about the remarks made by the Iranian Parliament Speaker, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf about the talks with the US, Mousavi said: "Our relations with the Islamic Consultative Assembly are defined in the inter-power relations in the Islamic Republic. The three branches of powers are independent, but in this independence, they have a high degree of interaction. What is important for the government is to increase the synergy between all the powers and institutions to advance their interests."

He said that both the legislature and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have duties and responsibilities within the framework of the constitution, noting: "We have heard the views of the parliament as representatives of the people and if it becomes law, we will act as a duty. What is being implemented are the general policies of the system, which are being reviewed and formulated in institutions that, if approved by the Supreme National Security Council or the Leader, it will be implemented."

The official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added: "We are subject to the law and regulations and we hope that this cooperation and interaction will continue with the cooperation of each other, which is to advance national goals and interests."

Trump fails to run the US, countering Coronavirus: Foreign Ministry Spox

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said that US President Donald Trump has failed to run the United States, its economy, and countering Coronavirus.

Regarding the new US sanctions against Iran's nuclear program, Mousavi said, "US sanctions have always been there. The nuclear program, both before the JCPOA and after the withdrawal of the United States from that and the steps we have taken, has continued and we do not feel any disturbance in it, but we are evaluating the technical effects of this issue."

"If these sanctions affect Iran's peaceful nuclear program, we will have a more serious response," he said. "These sanctions are against countries that have cooperated with us and we hope they will react more seriously to this bullying."

Every madman thinks all other men mad: Foreign Ministry reaction to Trump's national security adviser

Regarding Trump's national security adviser's Robert O'Brien remarks about Iran's role in the recent unrest in the United States, Mousavi said, "Every madman thinks all other men mad. The country that has interfered in the internal affairs of other countries and does not hesitate to express that is the United States. This kind of statement is not unlikely from someone like Trump. He has failed to run the United States, its economy, and the Coronavirus, and has a government that is highly racist."

Mousavi added, "What happened in the US has been the result of years of repression and suffocation of the voice of the American people and citizens. It is natural for the American people to protest. In this situation, US officials have no choice but to make a projection."

Iranian prisoner in the US Sirus Asgari's case is over / we consider our prisoners in the US as hostages

Foreign Ministry Spokesman clarified about the latest situation of prisoners' exchange with the United States, adding, "Mr. Asgari's case is over, and I think he will return to the country in the next two or three days if there are no problems and new obstacles. The security of Iranian prisoners in the United States and Europe, whom we consider hostages, is important to us."

Seven billion dollars of Iranian money blocked in Korea should be returned home

Mousavi about sending a new medical shipment from South Korea to Iran worth $ 500,000, said:  "We negotiated with the Koreans for about two years. But as they listened to the Americans, they waited for the US response. There are seven billion dollars of Iranian money in Korea that should be returned to our country, but they were negligent in this regard.


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