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  • Iran's Parliament Spox: Secured-Iraq has great benefits to Iran

Iran's Parliament Speaker said that Iraq's development and security have a great benefit to Iran but some countries do not want peace and security in Iraq.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani arrived in Belgrade, Serbia on Sunday to attend the 141st Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly.

On the sideline of the Assembly Larijani also met with the head of the Foreign Relations Committee of Iraqi Parliament Sherko Merwaes, Iran Press reported.

He said, from the beginning of new policies in Iraqi, some countries have been against it and they pushed terrorist groups into Iraq.

Emphasizing that Iran has no troops and interference in Iraq, Larijani stated: "When Iraq was attacked by ISIS terrorist group, Baghdad asked us to help and our answer was positive."

Saying that Iraqis and Iranians always have stood side by side, the Iranian Parliament Speaker noted that Arbaeen and the great march of pilgrims is a clear example of friendship between two people.

Sherko Merwaes for his part underlined the importance of developing economic and cultural relations between Iran and Iraq, calling for the expansion of the relations.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) was founded in 1889. The Parliaments of 178 countries are members of the World Inter-Parliamentary Union and the 12 regional parliamentary assemblies are its affiliates. 101/201

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