Reza Nazarahari, director of the American Affairs Department at Iran's Foreign Ministry and Emilio Lozada, Director General for Bilateral Affairs at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, met in Havana to discuss bilateral and multilateral issues.

Iran Press/America: During the meeting, Reza Nazarahari and Emilio Lozada stressed the need to continue the development of high-level talks between the two countries and to strengthen economic, trade and cooperation relations on issues of mutual interest, including the fight against Coronavirus.

During the meeting, Emilio Lozada appreciated Iran's support for the fight to lift US sanctions against Cuba, as well as Iran's condemning the inclusion of Cuba in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry recently rejected a biased US report on human rights and the use of it as a tool to continue its aggressive policy.

"Washington is cowardly using such a sensitive issue to attack governments that defend the sovereignty of their own people while determining their own destiny," said Carlos Fernandez de Cassio, Cuba's Foreign Affairs official.

Iran and Cuba, which are under the toughest US sanctions, are seeking to build the capacity to produce millions of doses of the coronavirus vaccine. 219