International Noor competition wraps up with closing ceremony

The closing ceremony of the 3rd round of international Noor competition was held in Tehran with 1675 scientific project on Friday.

Iran Press/Iran news: On January, 2018, 'Mustafa (PBUH) Science and Technology Foundation' (MSTF) holds the 3rd round of 'Noor Student Competition', among students, educational and research centers”, with the goal of “producing 60-second scientific videos” Execution of the competition and its technical and scientific supporting are responsibility of “Fanamouz” Corporation.

2107 group consisted of 4,937 students from 6 countries participated in the competition in commemoration of Muslim scientist Ibn al-Razzaz al-Jazari on April 26, Iran Press reported.

At the end of the 3rd round of Noor competition, 1675 uploaded videos have been referred to arbitration team, in order to review them in several steps. The results will be subsequently announced on the website of Noor competition.

Head of the policy-making council of 'Mostafa Prize' Mahdi Saffarinia said  in the closing ceremony:  "I'm glad to see that sincerity of watchfulness of families in their student science and technology works. 5000 scientific works have been done just by Iranian students. Nonstop efforts must be made during the high school period in order to reach the benefits and rewards of science in the next steps of our students' lives. I hope with these young competitors, the world sees great scientists."

The Subjects of the 3rd round of Noor international competition is producing dynamic mechanisms and conducting experiments in various fields of mechanics.

Like previous rounds, over 100 videos will be uploaded in the scientific area of the competitions.

100 gold coins will have awarded for 100 selected project and scientific and experimental equipment will be granted to the selected schools and research centers.


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