UK Medical Charity:

The Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) expressed deep concerns over the lack of access for international investigators to enter Gaza and investigate the discovery of hundreds of bodies in mass graves at two hospitals in the enclave.

Iran Press/ West Asia: At the Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, the Palestinian Civil Defence recovered 392 bodies, including women, children, the elderly, and injured individuals, from at least three mass graves. The findings of these mass graves followed a prolonged siege and military operation by Israeli forces that rendered Nasser Hospital inoperable. 

Similarly, after a two-week invasion and siege by the Israeli military, at least seven mass graves were reportedly found at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. 

More than 300 bodies have been retrieved from mass graves on the hospital grounds in Khan Younis. 

"Israel has targeted nearly every hospital in Gaza, resulting in the deaths and detention of hundreds of health workers and patients. The discovery of mass graves within hospital premises underscores the complete failure of Gaza's healthcare facilities to receive protected status under international law, with devastating consequences," stated Rohan Talbot, MAP's director of advocacy. 

"The families of the deceased deserve transparency regarding the fate of their loved ones and justice wherever grave violations of international law have taken place. This can only be achieved through thorough, swift, and unbiased investigations," Talbot emphasized. 

"Therefore, the international community must demand entry to Gaza for independent investigators and forensic experts to ensure the preservation of evidence and pursuit of accountability," Talbot concluded.


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