Tehran (IP)- Iran's Interior Minister says Iran is alone in the fight against drugs, noting that fight against narcotics.

Iran PressIran news: On the occasion of World Drug Day, Ahmad Vahidi said on Sunday: "Without any baggage and support from international institutions, we are at the forefront of the fight against drugs."

Vahidi added that many members of the Iranian police have been martyred in the fight against drugs.

The Interior Minister accused the West of promoting narcotics and said: "There are countries that are sitting in a corner and have put themselves on the safe side and their fight against narcotics is nominal, but we do not see any serious and active presence from them."

"Countries targeted by Western colonization have fallen victim to a conspiracy to promote drug use," he said in his speech.

Vahidi further said: "The sad story of narcotics is also the result of a current imbued with a degenerate culture, the goal of which is the development of narcotics in the world."

The presence of trans-regional powers, the relationship between drugs and terrorism, and the irresponsibility of some countries are significant challenges in the growth of drugs in the world including the west of Asia. 219

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