Tehran (IP) - On this day, the 24th of October, Iranian people cherish Soghdou (Tripe) contains protein, which is part of the daily requirement of the body.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian Soghdou contains protein that helps keep you full and allows your body to repair damaged tissue and build muscle. A three-ounce serving of tripe contains 10 grams of protein, which is about 20% of the average daily requirement. Tripe is rich in vitamin B12, which helps prevent anemia.


Ingredients: (for seven people):
1. Tripe
2. Abomasum: One for both
3. Minced meat: three hundred grams
4. Rice: three measures
5. Cocoon: a quarter of a measure
6. Fragrant vegetables
7. Oil: as needed
8. Onions: two medium-sized
9. Spices: (turmeric, pepper, salt, cumin powder) as desired
10. Tomato paste: a tablespoon

Tripe can be served in various cuisine styles

Historical significance: Iranians pioneer in many cuisine styles, however, some of these styles are shared by other neighboring countries; for instance, in the Caucuses Khash or khashi in Georgian and Azerbaijani is denoted to a similar dish of boiled cow or sheep stomach tripe.


In the medieval Armenian medical textbook Relief of Fevers (1184), khash was described as a dish with healing properties, e.g., against snuffle. It was recommended to eat it while drinking wine. In case of an ailment, khash from the legs of a yeanling (lamb or kid) was advised.

In the South Caucasus, khash is often seen as food to be consumed in the mornings after a party

In Iran, tripe is served mainly as an item included in kalle-pache which is usually cooked in specialty stores, and is served in the morning. It is especially consumed during cold seasons.


How to cook

Wash and clean the Tripe, and rice (no need to soak), the next step is cooking the chickpeas half-cooked, then add chopped fried onion, in this step, add the meat along with spices, now it is time to add the rice, vegetables, and chickpeas, finally add the washed and chopped trip and abomasum with five glasses of water to the pot and let it cook about three to four hours for in gentle heat. It can be served with fried onion, mint, and curd.

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