The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas announced that its delegation is set to travel to Cairo on Saturday with hopes of resuming ceasefire talks with Israel. The delegation aims to bring a "positive spirit" to the negotiations, building on recent proposals aimed at halting the prolonged conflict that has devastated Gaza for nearly seven months.

Iran Press/ West Asia: On its official website, Hamas expressed its readiness to engage constructively in the discussions, seeking a comprehensive agreement that would meet the demands of the Palestinian people. These demands include a complete halt to the hostilities, withdrawal of Israeli forces, resettlement of displaced persons, and provisions for relief, reconstruction, and a substantial prisoner exchange.

The talks come amid statements from Hossam Badran, a senior official in Hamas’ Political Bureau, who said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been a major obstacle to peace efforts. In an interview, Badran criticized Netanyahu for persisting with plans to conduct a ground invasion in the densely populated city of Rafah in southern Gaza, a move that has drawn international concern due to the risk to civilian lives.

Netanyahu's stance, according to Badran, not only jeopardizes the safety of displaced civilians but also undermines the potential for achieving a lasting ceasefire. Netanyahu’s insistence on a military solution in Rafah has been met with warnings from both the United Nations and the United States, highlighting the grave implications for civilian safety.