S. Africa (IP) - The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament said that from the very beginning of the Ukrainian war, the Islamic Republic urged the immediate end of the war.

Presenting a speech at the BRICS Parliamentary Forum in Johannesburg on Wednesday, Mohamad-Bagher Ghalibaf called the expansionist policies of the US and NATO the main cause of the war in Ukraine. 

Ghalibaf considered the world as going toward economic depression and said: "Border conflicts mingled with crises such as the water crisis and terrorism have endangered the security of different parts of the world."

"Wars are triggered without any prospect to end them while some Western powers are trying to turn the UN into a multi-state organization and justify crimes against humanity under the motto of human rights," he went on.

He also pointed to the US hostile policy toward Iran and stated that the White House is waging a hybrid war on Iran because it is afraid of a direct confrontation with Iran.  

He further stated that the US used different means in its hybrid war on Iran, such as media, propaganda, and economic sanctions to destabilize the Islamic Republic.

All of the world's people expect the world order to serve the nations' prosperity, support the environment, make moral use of technology, and decrease international tensions, yet the situation is not going this way, Ghalibaf added.

The Speaker of Iran's Parliament hailed de-dollarization in the world trade as a great service to the prosperity of the developing nations and said:

"BRICS members need to jointly invest in corridors that act as arteries of exchange of goods, services and energy, and that their management is not monopolized by the great Western powers. We also need a new geopolitical will to propose peaceful solutions to international crises and wars and to resolve border disputes through dialogue."


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