Commentary (IP) - December 31 is the day of the Universal Hour of Peace '; every year, from 11:30 pm to 00:30 am on January 1 is the time of Universal Hour of Peace, in the hope of a world without war.

Iran PressCommentary: Peace is highly respected and is the very concept on which the UN is based; Protecting future generations from the scourge of war, living in peace with each other, and "to maintain international peace and security."

It is not an extravagant idea that the establishment of peace and living in peace are the most important causes of humanity and international entities. Therefore, in the world's calendar, September 21 is the World Day of Peace, and every year from 11:30 pm on December 31 to 00:30 am on January 1 is the time of the ' Universal Hour of Peace,' in the hope for a world without war.

Nevertheless, important questions exist in this regard: Does today's world witness peace? 

The UN Secretary-General answers the question: "2023 has been a year of enormous suffering, violence, and climate chaos. Humanity is in pain."

Antonio Guterres says people are getting crushed by growing poverty and hunger and wars are growing in number and ferocity, and trust is in short supply.

The next important question is: Why is peace out of reach of humans and why wars are increasing?

It seems that the most important cause of the issue is the performance of the Western powers. Ukraine and Gaza are two examples of the Western powers' performance, where they slaughter peace for the Israeli regime's interests and their own. 

What is going on in Gaza is the most overt scene that shows peace is not a priority of the Western powers but they even prevent peace from being established. 

About three months passed from the Israeli regime's all-out war on Gaza, during which a genocide happened in the Palestinian city. Over 21,600 Palestinians have been martyred and more than 56,000 others have been injured. 70 percent of the martyred are children and women, the two groups that must be kept safe from bombardment in any war, but the Israeli forces target them intentionally. 

Nonetheless, the UN Security Council has so far had no success in stopping the Israeli regime's war on Gaza, because the US has blocked the approval of any resolution to stop the war and officially defends the regime's crime, and ridiculously defines the massacre of Gazan people as an example of legitimate defense preserved for Israel.

Tomorrow, the Universal Hour of Peace is going to be celebrated, as the Israeli regime continues to bombard Gaza.


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