French protesters rallied against the new security plans in dozens of cities.

Iran PressEurope: As France 24 reported, protesters including activists from the Yellow Vest movement and others seeking to protect the cultural sector, demonstrated widely in French cities.

Protesters believe that the security plan in France restricts the filming of police and posting pictures on social media, especially to record cases of police violence.

In addition to opposing the plan, protesters on Saturday rallied against the use of surveillance devices such as drones and pedestrian cameras.

Protesters say government security plans restrict civil liberties.

In recent months, France has been facing ongoing protests against Macron's security plans.

The government under the administration of French President Emmanuel Macron intends to pass tougher plans to enforce law and order protecting the police. The French government says more protection should be given to the police against cyber-criticism.

In this regard, the government tried to limit the publication of images of police officers in the media and cyberspace. 219