Former US President surrendered on Thursday at the Fulton County jail, where he was booked on 13 felony counts related to an alleged scheme to overturn the results of the presidential election in Georgia.

Iran PressAmerica: Donald Trump's  surrender in Georgia marks the fourth time this year the former president has turned himself in after criminal charges were brought against him by federal and state officials. But it's the first time he was subjected to a mug shot, shown here. Within about an hour after he boarded his plane to leave Atlanta, his Save America PAC had sent a fundraising email featuring his mug shot on a t-shirt. 

Ahead of his surrender, Trump made changes to his legal team, bringing in Steven Sadow, an Atlanta-based lawyer who specializes in white collar and high-profile defense. Sadow entered his appearance as lead counsel for Trump on Thursday, according to a filing with the Fulton County Superior Court, and accompanied Trump to the jail. 

Trump, who has denied any wrongdoing, did not appear in court Thursday to enter a plea because the booking and arraignment processes are separate in Fulton County. 

It's unclear when Trump will appear before a judge to be arraigned. District Attorney Fani Willis has proposed Trump and his 18 co-defendants be arraigned the week of Sept. 5, but the judge has not yet approved that request.

Trump faces charges including, three of solicitation of violation of oath by public officer; two of conspiracy to commit forgery in the first degree; two of conspiracy to commit false statements; two of false statements and writings; one of violation of the Georgia RICO Act; one of conspiracy to commit filing false documents; one of filing false documents; one of conspiracy to commit to impersonating a public officer. 219