Tehran (IP) - Theran's Mayor said Iran is today the role model of the regional countries and the countries learned resistance lessons from Iran and enjoy dignity for themselves in the region.

Iran PressIran news: The Iranian people from different walks of life have gathered in Tehran's Imam Hossein (AS) Square, today, to mark the Dey 9 Epic.

Delivering a speech at the ceremony in Tehran on Saturday evening to mark the Dey 9 Epic, Alireza Zakani told people that once the enemies of Islam led by the US, sought to seize the West Asian region but today they are seeking ways to escape the region. 

He promised that the Palestinian nation would celebrate its victory over Israel, the US would exit the region and the barriers made for Iran at the national, regional, and international levels would be removed. 

Zakani pointed to the coming parliamentary election in Iran and said that the enemies have planned plots to prevent Iran from holding a healthy election with a high turn-out. 

He pointed out that a strong parliament requires a strong election which itself requires a high turnout of the people in the polls. 

December 30 coincides with the ninth day of the month Dey in the Iranian calendar and is the reminder of the epic turnout of the Iranian nation to foil enemies' plots after the 2009 presidential elections.

The Dey 9 Epic was indeed a turning point in that it dismayed the enemies of the Islamic Revolution who had invested in the electoral fraud allegations.

It also saved the nation from machinations of ill-wishers who fanned discord among Iranians to secure their vested interests against the Iranian people. 


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