Yemen (IP) - The media sources reported that the US launched a new attack on the northern part of Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, early morning on Saturday.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  Al-Mayadeen reported a huge blast in the north of Sana'a on Saturday; A little later, Yemen's al-Masira TV announced the renewed attack of the US and England on Sana'a.

The US media, however, claim that the US unilaterally attacked Sana'a.

Still, the Al-Mayadeen network reported that air or missile attacks were carried out on the Al-Deilami base near Sana'a International Airport. 

CNN quoted a US authority that a radar facility was targeted. CNN also claimed that the attack was carried out by a destroyer. 

Yesterday, Friday morning, the US and the UK targeted more than 12 points in Yemen by its fighters, ships, and submarines. Immediately, then, Yemen's Ansarullah Movement responded to the attacks. 204

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