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  • The Process of Parliamentary Elections in Iran
    The Process of Parliamentary Elections in Iran

Tehran (IP) - After registering candidates in different constituencies, the candidates will be vetted and then the names of the qualified and eligible candidates will be announced so that campaigning can begin in earnest.

Iran Press/Iran news: One of the most important aspects of any election campaign is the formation of the election headquarters, campaigning, lectures and presenting candidates' programs and manifestos in their constituencies. These activities will make the elections more competitive and provide greater incentives for a mass turnout.

Gholam-Hossein Esmaili the spokesman of the Judiciary, said about the role of the judiciary in the elections:"The judiciary at the ballot box has neither a representative nor any responsibilities with regards to enforcement and monitoring process, but the task of the judiciary is to prevent crime and investigate crime (relating to the election)."

According to the electoral laws, the election campaign of candidates begins fifteen days before the day of voting and continues until twenty-four hours before the vote is due (voting starts). Any activity by any candidate outside of this framework is unlawful.

ِDuring this time, based on the rules, each candidate has a representative in the central election headquarters. During the campaign, the representatives can submit their complaints or comments to the staff of the election headquarters.

On 21st February, the Iranian people with a huge turnout in the eleventh round of parliamentary elections will choose their representatives and send them to the national parliament (the Majlis).


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