Nov 10, 2019 12:09 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 15, 2019 08:43 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP)- The conference on scientific Apartheid, peace, justice and global security was held on Sunday in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at the conference as one of the keynote speakers, the General director of the forum of Islamic peace, Davoud Ameri, said: "This conference is the beginning of the next year's international conference on 'scientific apartheid' in Tehran."

He added, scientific injustice and discrimination are the main issues of the world, reported Iran press.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has good capacities in science and technology and is ranked among the 10 top countries in the world. In this conference we are going to emphasize the expansion of scientific justice in the world," added Ameri.

Furthermore, the chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission in the Iranian parliament, Mojtaba Zonnour as another main speaker of the event said: "Today, developing countries are faced with the transmission of science sanction "Our scientists are not even allowed to publish their articles in international journals," added the top Parliamentarian.

Mojtaba Zonnour went on to explain that the technological and industrial sanctions have been imposed on us. 'brain drain' is the issue of developing countries through which the countries’ geniuses as national treasures are taken out. 

 "We are among the top 11 countries in terms of uranium enrichment, if we were not in that position of scientific power we could not have been able to do negotiation with the US and others regarding the nuclear deal," he expressed.

While he mentioned that Iran in nano and genetics science is among the top countries in the world, Zonnour concluded the first step to solve the issue of scientific Apartheid is explicating this discrimination to the world.


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