Tehran (IP)- Iran's Deputy Minister and CEO of Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Company (CDTIC) said that part of the 'Mianeh-Bostanabad-Tabriz' railroad stretching from Bostanabad to Khavaran (near Tabriz) will be inaugurated this week.

Iran PressIran News:  As part of the 'Mianeh-Bostanabad-Tabriz' Railroad, the inauguration of the Bostanabad-Khavaran railway will draw Tehran and Tabriz closer through sustainable rail transport.

Bostanabad to Khavaran railway is 44 km which has been constructed with 30,000 billion IRR credit. 

Mianeh to Bostanabad railway had been previously inaugurated in November 2019 in 6 parts with lengths of 132 km. 

The mianeh-Bostanabad-Tabriz railway project is about 203 km and has 10 stations that decrease travel time from Tehran to Tabriz by 4 to 5 hours and 114 km distance compared to the road route. 

Considering that the travel time from Tehran to Tabriz is 8 hours by road and 12 hours by rail, passengers prefer the road route to the rail; however, by operation of this rail route, in addition to increased transport of goods and passengers by rail, environmental pollution will be reduced and transport productivity and safety will improve, Khademi added. 

The project is also part of the southern corridor of the Trans-Asian Railway (TAR) as a project to create an integrated freight railway network across Europe and Asia. So, it is expected to increase the share of Iran in international transport. 

The railway is the first railway which is built double-track from the beginning and also it can be electrified. 

Moreover, the inter-city railroad is to be stretched to the city of Tabriz and would be interlinked with the underground and bus stations within the city.

The project is constructed by reliance on domestic technologies and has 6 km valley bridges (including Basmenj Bridges) and 7 km tunnels.


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