Tehran (IP)- Iranian Interior minister said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has become a focal point in the region in terms of power, which no one can deny.

Iran PressIran News: June 5 is the anniversary of the 15th of the Khordad uprising back in 1963, considered to be the beginning of the historic uprise of the Iranian nation against the regime of the Shah, which led to the victory of the Islamic Revolution 16 years later in 1979. 

On the day of Ashura in 1963, the late Imam Khomeini (RA) made a historic and forthright speech, exposing the crimes of the Pahlavi regime.

People are marking the day, known as the 15th of Khordad on the Iranian calendar, in different parts of the country.

Iranian Interior Minister, Ahmad Vahidi pointed out: "Today, Imam Khomeini's love, spirit, and courage have been institutionalized in the people's hearts, and they are moving forward stronger."

Vahidi further added: "Today, most countries are trying to expand their relations with Iran."

He said: "The enemy's efforts are still continuing despite successive failures."


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