Commentary (IP) - The Ukrainian Parliament approved a bill to impose economic sanctions and other restrictions on Iran for 50 years.

Iran PressCommentary: To Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky who has long been accusing Iran of providing arms to Russia, especially drones for use in the Ukrainian war, proposed a 50-year period of sanctions against the Islamic Republic. 

The sanctions encompass the restrictions on military exchanges and goods with dual uses for civilians and ban the extraction of Iranian citizens' assets from Ukraine. 

Still, by virtue of the bill, the transit of Iranian goods through the Ukrainian ground and aerial territories will be stopped, and commercial, with the financial and technological sanctions, will be re-imposed against the Iranian nation.

A few days ago, Zelensky once again repeated his baseless claims and asked Iran not to send drones to Russia; And in a new propaganda, he called on the people of Iran not to stand by Russia and so to speak, not stand on the dark side of history.

Kyiv and its allies claim that Iran has sent weapons, including hundreds of drones, to Russia since last year, after the start of Moscow's attack on Ukraine. However, Moscow and Tehran strongly deny such claims.

About the question of whether Russia uses Iranian drones or not, the Spokesman of Kremlin Dmitry Peskov said Moscow has no information about the use of such drones and that the Russian equipment with Russian names is incorporated in the Ukrainian war.

Furthermore, since the beginning of the Ukrainian war, the Islamic Republic of Iran has time and again emphasized the political solution to settle the conflict, with Iran taking practical steps in this regard.

Yet, the Ukrainian authorities and the Western states, especially the US, insist on the claim that the drones Russia is using in its operations are the ones made in Iran. Such an insistence has turned into a pretext for some Western states to impose new sanctions against Iran.  

Stressing that such accusations are a part of the West's psychological war on Iran for waging Iranophobia, Iran has time and again called for the formation of a fact-finding committee consisting of Ukrainian and Iranian experts, but the Ukrainian side refuses to do so. 

In such a circumstance, the Parliament of Ukraine ratified the 50-year sanction on Iran. Nonetheless, if the Ukrainian authorities seek the continuation of peaceful relations with Iran, they should reconsider their anti-Iran policy in order to avoid the due reciprocal response of the Iranian nation and government. 


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