Kabul (IP)- The caretaker of the Iranian embassy in Kabul and the foreign minister of the Taliban met and discussed the relations between Iran and Afghanistan and the rights to the Hirmand River.

Iran PressAsia: According to the Hirmand Treaty, which was signed in 1972 by the then authorities of Iran and Afghanistan, Iran's share of Hirmand River water is equal to 820 million cubic meters per year and about 26 cubic meters per second, which, of course, varies in different months and seasons.

The previous government of Afghanistan, which claimed to secure Iran's water rights by building the "Kamal Khan" dam in Nimruz province on the Hirmand River, practically prevented the implementation of this agreement, which caused a lot of damage to humans, animals, and plant life in the surrounding area of the Hirmand river. Iran imported especially in Sistan and Baluchistan province.

"Hassan Kazemi Qomi", Caretaker of Iran's embassy in Afghanistan, met on 27 May with "Amir Khan Motaghi", acting Minister of the Taliban's foreign ministry.

According to the Iran press news agency, securing Iran's rights from the Hirmand River and bilateral relations were among the issues discussed by Motaghi and Kazemi Qomi.

In this meeting, Kazemi Qomi presented materials regarding the positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Doha meeting and presented a report from this meeting.

In the continuation of this meeting, while appreciating the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Doha meeting, the Taliban's foreign minister emphasized solving bilateral issues and problems through dialogue and understanding. 


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