Europe(IP)- By signing a petition, ten European countries asked the Israeli regime to stop the demolition of Palestinian houses in the West Bank and East Al-Quds, as well as the confiscation of their lands.

Iran PressEurope: " Benjamin Netanyahu", the prime minister of the Israeli regime, who leads a radical and extremist cabinet in the occupied Palestinian territories, has intensified the destruction of Palestinian houses by adopting anti-Palestinian positions.

According to the report of " Yediot Aharanot" on Saturday; the consulates of Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, and Ireland, as well as the representative office of the European Union in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, signed a joint statement.

In the statement, the consulates of these European countries asked the Israel regime to "stop the operation of land confiscation and the destruction of Palestinian houses and allow humanitarian organizations in the West Bank, including East Al-Quds, to have unhindered access."

The consulates also "requested the return or compensation of humanitarian equipment and facilities worth approximately 1.29 million euros that were destroyed, demolished or confiscated since 2015."

The Israeli regime is trying to expropriate and usurp as much as possible the houses of the Palestinian and Christian citizens of the city to Judaize the occupied city of Quds and remove and destroy their Islamic and Christian identity.


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