Damascus (IP)- Syrian parliament representative stressed the importance of Syria's rehabilitation of relationships with the Arab world.

Iran PressMiddle East: Stating the importance of Bashar al-Assad's attendance at the Arab League summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, representative of the Syrian Parliament Mohammed Khair al-Akam, in an interview with IranPress reporter in Damascus said: "Syria follows common interests with the Arab world."

After 12 years, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad arrived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on May 19, 2023, got a warm reception from Arab countries, and gave a speech at the summit of the Arab League.

Mohammed Khair al-Akam stated: "Some countries in the Arab world corrected their positions towards Syria and confirmed Syria's policy."

He noted that Syria aims to strengthen relations with neighbors which can be attained by cooperation, not competition. 

Highlighting the cooperation of Arab leaders based on common interests, he noted: "Enmity with Iran is not for the benefit of the region but for the benefit of the enemies of the region." 


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