Tehran(IP) - Iran's President at the gathering of senior national managers conference held on Monday that Iran is following a balanced foreign policy to interact with all of the countries in the world and the path is paved for any country who wants to cooperate with Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the conference with the presence of senior managers all across Islamic Iran held on Monday, Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi said: "In this world, everyone claims to serve people. The great powers officially declare that we will be present to serve wherever it is beneficial for us."

He added: "Some others serve out of compassion and altruism."

Furthermore, Raisi noted that another type of service is service aimed at seeking God's satisfaction. The way to please God is to serve the people and untangle the tasks of the people.

The president further stated: "Our Islamic system is founfded on relying on the many capacities that exist inside the country. "

Our political view should be a balanced view. Some people wrongly said that we have become oriented toward the East, in contrast to the incomplete view that existed toward the West. A balanced view means that we don't just eye on building relations with a few countries in the world and we don't define our situation with their smiles or frowns, President Raisi stated.

Iran's President clarified: We interact with all countries in the world. We follow a balanced foreign policy. For Those who want to cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the path is fully prepared and paved and all the Communications have been followed in the same procedure since the very beginning.

Inflation should be concern of all managers

Iran's President stressed that the issue of inflation as it has been addressed by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and reflected in this year s slogan should be the concern of all Iranian managers.

Speaking at the conference with all of the managers all across Islamic Iran held on Monday morning Iran's President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi emphasized that our view in administration should be the view of "we can" and added: " The issue of economy and the slogan of this year, which the leader of the revolution explained, should be the concern of all the managers of the country."

He further explained: "The issue of inflation was on the agenda, but when this issue is highlighted, all managers of the country should pay attention to the issue of inflation. It is necessary to continuously report to the people and explain the shortcomings to the people. We have to show people in practice that we fulfill our commitments."

President Raisi said: "All scientists and cultural figures should pay attention to maintain the scientific, cultural, and civilizational status of Islamic Iran. This is a part of the mission that everyone should never fail. But today, the most important issue in addition to all the attention that should be paid to cultural "issues is the issue of the economy and economic concerns."

Elsewhere President Raisi highlighted: "If the liquidity is not controlled and the created liquidity is not directed towards production and productive work, it is a dangerous thing that will spread everywhere like a flood. It is necessary to plan to direct liquidity towards production. It is very important if the people and the market become the source of production."


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