Beirut (IP) - - The Head of Iran Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, in a meeting with the Lebanese Parliament Speaker, emphasized that the policy of the Islamic Republic is to establish stability and security in the region.

Iran PressMiddle East: Kamal Kharrazi, head of Iran's Strategic Council of Foreign Relations, arrived in Lebanon after his trip to Syria.

He met with Nabih Berri, the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament.

Speaking about Lebanon's internal developments, Nabih Berri said: "The formation of the government is only possible through constructive dialogues between the Lebanese."

Kharrazi also said: "The Republic of Iran supports the formation of the government in Lebanon as soon as possible based on the will of the people and without any foreign interference."

The head of Iran's Strategic Foreign Relations Council also met with Abdallah Bou Habib, the Lebanese Foreign Minister.

In the meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon said the recent agreements between Iran and Saudi Arabia bring more stability and positive developments in the region.


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