Abadan (IP) - In a speech, the oil minister announced a new record in oil production and sales.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the opening ceremony of phase 2 of Abadan Refinery, Javad Owji said: "At the beginning of the current administration, the pressure of sanctions increased and oil exports decreased. The predictions were that the pressures would increase. Supplying currency and investing in the oil industry had become more difficult and 4,400 fuel stations were attacked in cyberspace, but major events have taken place in the oil and gas industry in the past twenty months."

Pointing out the progress of the remaining 36 or 34 percent of the second phase of the refinery in the last twenty months, he added: "The phase was 63 percent advanced when President Raisi took the office, but with the efforts of more than 100 contractors, it was put into operation."

The minister added: "Good measures were taken in energy diplomacy, exports, and investment contracts, and we attracted nearly 5 billion dollars of investment for oil and gas fields."

Referring to the resolution of the gas dispute between Iran and Turkmenistan, Owji also announced the indigenized of some industries and self-sufficiency in the oil industry and said that these measures were carried out with the help of knowledge-based companies, whose number has increased from 150 to 550.

"Today, our oil production capacity is more than 3,850,000 barrels per day. 31 incomplete projects worth 12 billion dollars were put into operation."

"Today, we are active abroad and we built the El Palito refinery in Venezuela, and part of its oil is exported from Iran," the minister highlighted.


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