Israel's president has warned that the entity is on the brink of an "internal struggle" that could "consume us all" over the government's controversial legal reforms.

Iran PressMiddle East: Isaac Herzog has said he feared that bitter division over plans to drastically reform the Zionist regime's legal system could pull the regime apart if they were carried out recklessly.

"I see the sides prepared and ready all along the front for an all-out confrontation over the character of the state of Israel, and I am anxious we are on the brink of an internal struggle that could consume us all,” Herzog said in a speech this week.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Zionist regime prime minister, is seeking reforms that in the eyes of critics would weaken the supreme court and increase his coalition's control over judicial appointments. In January, he was sworn in as the leader of the most right-wing government in the regime's history, following elections in November.

The proposed legal reforms have prompted large-scale protests in Tel Aviv and similar demonstrations in Jerusalem al Quds, which are somewhat reminiscent of the anti-Netanyahu protests of 2020 and 2021.

It is not the first time that Herzog has publicly expressed reservations about the new government and its key figures. In November, he was caught by a live microphone warning that the "entire world" was "anxious" about extreme-Right politicians propping up Netanyahu's coalition.

While the demonstrations in the Zionist entity are almost entirely focused on legal reform and Netanyahu, tensions between the Zionists and Palestinians have also sharply risen following the swearing-in of Netanyahu's government, which includes the anti-Arab right-wing extremist Itamar Ben-Gvir.