Tehran (IP)- Islamic Republic updates designations regarding Imposing Sanctions against some of the EU and United Kingdom Regime Individuals and Entities.

Iran PressIran News: The foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran following the approvals of related authorities and in the framework of relevant regulations and sanctions mechanisms stipulates the following individuals and entities of the EU and UK regime in its sanction list for supporting terrorism and terrorist groups, instigating and encouragement to terrorist acts and violence against Iranian people, interference in domestic affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, fomenting violence and unrest in Iran, dissemination of false information about Iran and participation in the escalation of cruel sanctions against Iranian people as economic terrorism.

The Islamic Republic of Iran while condemning the act of the EU and UK regime for supporting, facilitating, and denying countering the destructive acts of aforementioned individuals and entities and which is a violation of international obligations regarding combatting terrorism, announces that the acts of those on imposing and exacerbating cruel sanctions is an obvious violation of fundamental principles of international law outlined in the United Nations charter.

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All relevant national institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, consistent with the regulations adopted by the related authorities, will take appropriate measures, which are blocking accounts and transactions in the Iranian financial and banking systems, blocking assets within the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the prohibition of visa issuance and entry to the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran, for effective implementation of the above-mentioned sanctions.

A. European Union:

Entities and companies:

1) Radio J based in France;

2 ) groups of friends of Israel in the European Parliament known as EFI;

3)  Bau Heberger for participating in the construction of chemical weapons production facilities in Iraq during the imposed war.

People:1. Oliver Klein, French Minister of Urban Affairs and Housing;

2. Dietmar Koster, German representative in the European Parliament;

3. Timo HEIMBACH, commander of the German forces in Jordan;

4. Dennis Thering, head of the Christian Democratic faction of the Hamburg State Parliament, Germany;

5. Gregor Lange, the chief of the German Dortmund police in connection with the murder of a Senegalese citizen by the Dortmund city police;

6. Tim Zahn, head of the Cyber Security Center of the German Army;

7. Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris;

8. Francois Bechieu, deputy mayor of the 19th district of Paris;

9. Gilbert Mitterrand, a former member of the French Parliament;

10. Gerad Biard, editor of Charlie Hebdo;

11. Laurent Sourisseau, publishing director of Charlie Hebdo;

12. Silvie Coma, deputy director of publishing Charlie Hebdo; 

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13. Bernard-Henry Levy from France;

14. Emmanuel Slaars, the French commander of the operation of the European maritime coalition mission in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz;

15. Lukas Mandl, representative of Austria in the European Parliament;

16. Anna Bonfrisco, representative of Italy in the European Parliament;

17. Abir Al-Sahlani, representative of Sweden in the European Parliament;

18. Bart Groothuis, representative of the Netherlands in the European Parliament;

19. Thijs Reuten, representative of the Netherlands in the European Parliament;

20. Alejo Vidal-Quadras Roca, former representative of Spain in the European Parliament

21. Rasmus Paludan, insulting the Holy Quran;

22. Edwin Wagensveld, insulting the Holy Quran.

  B.  England:

Entities and companies: 

Henry Jackson Society


1. Victoria Prentis, Attorney General of Great Britain;

2. Michael Tomlinson, Deputy Attorney General of the United Kingdom;

3. Richard Dearlove, former head of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6);

4. Patrick Sanders, Chief of the General Staff of the British Army;

5. Alex Younger, former head of the British secret intelligence service MI6;

6. Phil Capel, Director General of British Prisons;

7. Liam Fox, former British Defense Minister;

8. Bethan David, head of the UK counter-terrorism department.


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