Hassan Nasrallah's daughter:

Tehran(IP)- The Secretary-General of Hezbollah's daughter stressed that women play a key role in fighting against oppression while Lebanon was under occupation.

Iran PressIran News: The First International Congress for Women of Influence was held in Tehran on Friday with the participation of women from different countries.

Speaking at the congress, Zeynab Nasrallah said: "Women in Lebanon sacrifice their children which is why the Israel regime fear and withdraws."

She concluded: "In my country, women are patient and resistive against any bullying."

Sri Lankan minister says Influential Women congress call solves women challenges

The Sri Lankan State Minister of Women and Child Affairs stated that congress was unique to convene women from various countries.

Attending the congress, Geetha Samnnmali Kumarasinghe stressed: "Women who attended it are here to fight the challenges women face."

Serbian official: Serbia declare readiness with Iran

The Health Assistant for Serbian Health Ministry expressed her country's readiness to cooperate with Iran and other countries regarding women's rights.

Speaking on the sidelines of the first international congress of Influential Women, Maria Fernanda Barreto emphasized: "We should think about women's health care and improve it also must prevent diseases like breast and uterus cancers."


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