Khartoum (IP) - Sudanese people in Khartoum and other cities of this country participated in million-man demonstrations on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the December Revolution.

Iran PressIran News: The "December Revolution" of the Sudanese people (December 19, 2019) in various cities of this country led to the removal of the government of Omar al-Bashir, the then-president of Sudan.

The people of Sudan, especially the youth, attended the "December Revolution" demonstration in Khartoum on Monday evening and once again emphasized the implementation of their demands for the realization of civil and democratic governance.

Demonstrators also rejected the agreement on the political framework of Sudan, which was recently signed between the military authorities and The Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) of this country in Khartoum, and emphasized the definite withdrawal of the army from the government of Sudan.

The political framework agreement is set for two years, starting with the appointment of the Sudanese prime minister and ending with the holding of general elections.

A number of Sudanese demonstrators in Khartoum told the Iran Press correspondent that Sudanese people will continue their demonstrations until their demands are fulfilled.

Samira Al-Zou, a Sudanese female protester, told Iran Press in Khartoum that the December revolution is still continuing in the framework of peaceful demonstrations and these demonstrations will not stop until the overthrow of the military government in Sudan.


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