The head of the Basij organisation of Iran, General Gholam Hossein Gheibparvar has said the resistance and resilience of the Yemeni people will be recorded forever in history.

Iran news: According to an Iran Press report, speaking on Thursday morning at a International conference on "Supporting the Oppressed and Resistant Yemenis", General Gheibparvar said: "The presence of guests from foreign countries, the attendance of all local ethnic Iranian groups, the attendance of the families of martyrs, and people from all walks of life signifies the fact that all of us feel the hurt and the pain of the Yemeni people, and all of us are aware of their plight  -- a people who have been brutally attacked and betrayed by one of the most criminal regime's in the world.

General Gheibparvar added: "The rulers of Saudi Arabia are reaping a harvest of humiliation, shame and disgrace. The Leaders of the White House refer to them as 'a milking cow'. They thought they will win the war in Yemen in no time, but the Muslim and courageous people of Yemen, defended their country, independence and identity, offering tens of thousands of martyrs  -- their resilience will be recorded in history forever."

In further remarks, General Gheibparvar said: "Defeat has no meaning for a nation which is steadfast and resistant. Thousands of innocent defenceless Yemenis have been martyred because of the Saudi-led military aggression and invasion of their country. But they defended their country with full honour and dignity. All of us sympathise with the Yemeni people."  211/103


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