Amnesty International has warned that political activists and dissidents in Saudi Arabia are at risk of ill-treatment and torture as a crackdown led by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman against human rights defenders and intellectuals continues unabated in the kingdom.

Iran Press/ Middle East: Amnesty International said detained political dissidents and pro-democracy campaigners in Saudi Arabia face sexual harassment, torture and other forms of ill-treatment during interrogation.

The London-based rights group said in a report that according to testimony from three individuals it had gathered, some of the detained activists “were repeatedly tortured by electrocution and flogging” that left some “unable to walk or stand properly,” Iran Press reported.

Amnesty International further noted that in one reported instance, an activist was made to hang from the ceiling, and according to another testimony, a female detainee was reportedly subjected to sexual harassment, by interrogators wearing face masks.

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It went on to say that the detained human rights defenders, including a number of women, were unable to walk or stand properly, had uncontrolled shaking of the hands, and marks on the body. One of the activists reportedly attempted to take her own life repeatedly inside the prison.

“Only a few weeks after the ruthless killing of Jamal Khashoggi, these shocking reports of torture, sexual harassment and other forms of ill-treatment, if verified, expose further outrageous human rights violations by the Saudi authorities” Amnesty International’s Middle East research director "Lynn Maalouf" said.

She added, “Saudi authorities are directly responsible for the well-being of these women and men in detention. Not only have they been deprived of their liberty for months now, simply for peacefully expressing their views, they are also subjecting them to horrendous physical suffering.”

Amnesty International’s report came as Saudi Arabia is currently grappling with an international crisis over the murder of prominent dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the kingdom’s consulate in Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul on October 2.

Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October second to collect documents for his forthcoming marriage, but his Turkish fiancée who was expecting him in front of the consulate never saw him again.

َAlso on November 7. "Turki bin Abdulaziz al-Jasser" a journalist and writer in Saudi Arabia has reportedly died as a result of torture while in the regime custody.

Turki bin Abdulaziz al-Jasser died as a result of torture in Saudi custody

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“The Saudi authorities must immediately and unconditionally release detained human rights defenders who are being held solely for their peaceful human rights work and launch a prompt, thorough and effective investigation into the reports of torture and other ill-treatment with the view of holding those responsible to account,” Maalouf pointed out.

Torture and various forms of ill-treatment have been routinely and widely reported over the past years in Saudi prisons and detention centers.

Last month, a group of UN experts called for the immediate release of six female human rights campaigners, who are believed to be held incommunicado in prison. 101/207

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<em>Turki bin Abdulaziz al-Jasser died as a result of torture in Saudi custody</em>
<em>Turki bin Abdulaziz al-Jasser died as a result of torture in Saudi custody</em>