In response to the statements of the German Foreign Minister and her emphasis on the imposition of new sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran's Foreign Minister said, provocative, interventionist and non-diplomatic positions do not show maturity and tact.

Iran PressCommentary: Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs Hossein Amir -Abdollahian stated: "Germany can choose interaction to face common challenges or take the path of confrontation; Iran's response will be proportionate and decisive."

These statements of Iran's foreign minister were made after German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock announced that the European Union is considering new sanctions in protest against what it called the repression of protesters in Iran. The new sanctions against Iran continue and the EU foreign ministers will meet on Monday.

In recent weeks and at the same time as the beginning of some unrests and riots in Iran, European countries including Germany, Britain and France have taken a different attitude towards the Islamic Republic.

Issuing the resolution of the European Parliament on October 6 against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the application of new European Union sanctions against Iran on October 17, British political and security sanctions against Iran, as well as the positions and decision to review further sanctions at the meeting of the ministers of affairs on Monday. The foreign policy of the European Union shows that these countries have taken an aggressive approach towards Iran.

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Meanwhile, among the European countries, Germany seems to have taken on a greater role to the extent that it can be said that these days Germany is playing the role of proxy for America and the anti-Iranian lobby in Europe and has become the leader of  provoking  the tension between Tehran and the European Union..

Although the history of relations between Iran and Germany indicates relatively good relations and this country, as the largest economy in Europe, is considered the main axis of Iran's economic relations with the European Union, but the opponents of these relations, including in the Green Party, have issues such as human rights or they have found the claim on Iran's participation in the war in Ukraine as an effective excuse to put pressure on Iran and destroy the relations between the two countries. The approach that is now followed by " Annalena Baerbock ", the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany from the Green Party (Alliance 90/The Greens).



Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic of Iran has emphasized that if the European side is ready to interact from the standpoint of mutual respect, Iran is ready to interact and cooperate, but if it adopts intrusive, selective behaviors and uses policies and double standards, Iran will show a proportionate and reciprocal reaction and this applies to each of the European countries.

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In this regard, Iran has always announced that it will show reciprocal and proportional reaction against the non-constructive actions of the western parties, especially the European Union and the US administration.

Iran's announcement of sanctions against 8 entities and 12 individuals in the European Union on October 26, sanctions against several British entities and individuals on October 19, as well as the imposition of sanctions by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs against 10 individuals and four American entities, including the commander of Centcom and his deputy, The CIA, United Against Nuclear Iran   and the National Guard of the United States on October 31 are among Iran's measures to respond to the non-constructive behavior of the West.

Obviously, the Islamic Republic of Iran has never sought to increase tensions with the European Union or Germany, which is considered a long-standing partner in economic cooperation, but if the current approaches of this country and the European Union against Iran continue, as in the past, Iran will also be forced to take countermeasures; Iran's foreign minister also reminded his German counterpart: "Destroying old ties has long-term consequences, our response will be proportionate and decisive."


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