Khujand (IP) - Iran's Ambassador to Dushanbe says the country faces no limitations in developing relations with Tajikistan.

Iran PressAsia: The Iranian Cultural Week ceremony opened on Monday and was participated by a large group of Iranian residents in Tajikistan along with the ambassadors of some countries in Dushanbe. 

Mohammad-Taghi Saberi, who is in Tajikistan's Khujand, said that the Iranian artist eagerly traveled to the city to perform their artistic programs and close the two nations' hearts to each other to strengthen the bonds. 

Saberi stressed the importance of the Iran-Tajikistan ties and said that Iran had no limitations to expand relations with the friendly and Persian-speaking Tajikistan, noting that Tehran was interested in developing relations with Dushanbe even more.

There, in the event, more than 50 Iranian artists present their artworks in such areas as painting, calligraphy, music, miniature painting, and Pahlavani arts.

The ceremony of Iran's Culture Week is underway in Dushanbe, Bokhtar and Khujand.  


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